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GoW3 Evaluations, Installations, Upgrades and Conversions

Hardware upgrades, product upgrades, product maintanence, performance issues, and conversions from existing tools can all pose unique challenges when implementing ClearCase or ClearCase UCM.

Upgrading to the latest version of ClearCase/ClearCase UCM for the latest features and fixes? Is your version nearing end-of-life? Make sure that your client and server upgrades progress smoothly; roll-out custom policy, features and process enforcement at the same time.

Understand how your infrastructure may effect performance, understand what triggers you need, what triggers might be beneficial and what triggers you already have in place - and where. Have confidence in your VOB backup strategy. Evaluate your current situation and infrastructure, understand your needs and the effort required to make your ClearCase implementation everything you want it to be.

Converting your entire organization to a single configuration management tool can provide both immediate and long-term savings and benefits to your development organization. Share and reuse code easily and seamlessly. Improve your overall efficiency while reducing the costs of tools and time.

If you're using CVS, PVCS, SCCS, SourceSafe, or even Nothing alone or in conjunction with ClearCase, converting to an all-ClearCase or ClearCase UCM architecture may make more sense ... and you can retain all of your previous repository's history, if necessary.

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