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GoW3 ClearCase and ClearCase UCM

ClearCase is distributed as an open-acess database repository with some basic security and permissions features. Base ClearCase is a highly customizable configuration management tool with no built-in policy or process enforcement. Make sure you architect the best solution to support your software development process.

ClearCase UCM wraps base ClearCase with a standardized set of industry best practices relative to SCM. Config-spec generation, branch-hierarchies, promotion models, baselining (labels / tags) and software maturity levels are all integrated into ClearCase UCM. But is it a good fit for your software development process?

Whether you're working in Windows, UNIX, Linux or a mixed environment, we can help point out the strengths and weaknesses of specific approaches when it comes to supporting your current software development process and potential long term and short term benefits to your organization. Need to better understand the pros and cons of converting to base ClearCase or ClearCase UCM?
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The tool - and the architecture and infrastructure set up around it - should conform to, and supplement, your software development process. Don't get started on the wrong foot. Take a step back and make sure you follow a well-balanced approach to supporting and enhancing your process.

Now Available! Check out our Online ClearCase and ClearCase UCM training.

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